RIISA's collections are part of our cultural heritage

RIISA is a source of learning and experience and a diverse form of media that sparks interests across religions and cultures.

Reliogions play a large role in people's lives and in their indentities everywhere in the world. The cultural heritage of religions influence all of us.

It is the responsibility of RIISA - as an expert organization - to preserve the tangible and visual cultural heritage of the Orthodox Church of Finland. Therefore the museum passes on knowledge related to both ancient Byzantine traditions and the daily life of Orthodox people.

  • Icons

    The museum’s icon collection consists of about 800 icons made in various styles and using a number of different material and techniques. The icons depict things subjects like Christ, the Mother of God and other holy persons and events.

  • Textiles

    The most extensive portion of RIISA’s collections is made up of textile objects, nearly 4000 of them. The oldest of the museum’s textiles date back to the 16th century, though a majority of them is from the 19th century.

  • Documents, Maps and Drawings

    RIISA’s collection of documents, maps and drawings include such things as blueprints of buildings, documents related to monasteries and parishes and materials connected to notable members of the Orthodox Church.

  • Photography Archive

    The museum has an extensive archive of photographs documenting the history of the Orthodox Church.