STAIRWAY TO SANCTITY -COLLECTION EXHIBITION leads visitors from Byzantium to today

Stairway to Sanctity, the collection exhibition of RIISA is a place where the thousands of years of Byzantine tradition meet the cultural heritage Karelian Orthodox communities, the Orthodox way of life and the cycle of the church year. Visitors can wander around the golden columns of the exhibition halls, moving between different eras and atmospheres.

The exhibition and customer service spaces, along with new technology, make an accessible, interesting and diverse museum environment possible. Our unique collections and the various aspects of Orthodox culture are more widely available to visitors than ever before.

Stairway to Sanctity is a meeting place. We offer our visitors the chance to look at themselves through an Orthodox lens. The exhibition is arranged on two floors and they give the visitors an introduction to the Orthodox way of life and to the beauty of this national heritage.

Stairway to Sanctity -exhibition's halls by theme

Hall 1: Early Church
Hall 2: History of the Orthodox Church of Finland
Hall 3: Prayer and the Ascetic Life
Hall 4: Altar
Hall 5: Karelian Orthodox Chapel
Hall 6: Reconstruction Period
Hall 7: Valamo Monastery’s Museum of Antiquities and Gifts from the Imperial Family
Hall 8: Icons
Hall 9: Sacraments
Hall 10: Church Year and Its Great Feasts
Hall 11: From Death to Ressurection

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